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rajesh menon

Rajesh Menon

Managing Director

Rajesh Menon is a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience. An MBA in marketing, Rajesh has largely worked in the advertising and communication industry with several leading agencies. He has worked with several brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Britannia, Usha, Gillette as well as with hundreds of SME’s

Since 2006, he has been an entrepreneur. He has sold one company and is currently involved with 2 new startups in the technology and digital space. He is avid blogger on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and marketing procurement processes.

Rajesh regularly conducts digital marketing courses and training programs primarily for business owners, marketing professionals and startup founders aimed at helping them learn and implement digital marketing for their respective businesses.

Rajesh founded How To Do Digital Marketing with the hope that it could serve as a one-stop community vehicle for all those who are interested to learn and apply the practical side of digital marketing

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